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[ fic ] In the Sky was Mirrored Sodom; Alfons/Edward

Pairing: Alfons Heiderich/Edward Elric

Setting: 1921, before Conqueror of Shamballa

Dedication: numi_nami , for reminding me to write EdHei.


Say A (part)+B+C=D (whole).

What I originally had in my head was: ?+?+C=?.

What I ended up with when typing it out was: A+B+?=???!!111

I figured it out, though. I swear.









Heiderich Fanart``` <333

Whaaa, I haven't posted here in like 14523572 years (or is this my first post? @__@ *forgets*)
Anyways, I've come with fanart please don't mind the messiness, I do a lot better with pencil and paper at hand, this was done with a mouse in photoshop! <3

Rating: PG-13 --> concerning 1 piece of art of Heiderich after a shower; but everything is worksafe

Follow the cut? *waggles eyebrows*Collapse )

Thanks for looking! :3 I'm glad this community hasn't really died~

(fic) Ed and Heid wish you a Merry Christmas... sort of

Title-  The Price of Heat
Rating- PG
Genre- Gen (with some wondering about which way Ed "swings" and slight awkwardness ensuing)  
Characters- Edward and Alfons
Summary-  Holiday celebration is meager for the young study partners, and some hot drinks might be just what they need.
(I don't know how the feck I managed to make hot chocolate and drunken christmastree heists into angst.  But I did.  D:)

Alfons was fairly certain he had never been compelled to feel this depressed about hot chocolate.

(Fake cut to introspective platonic man-cuddling.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!)

Fanfic: Ubi Sunt Gaudia? (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Title: Ubi Sunt Gaudia?
Fandom: FMA (anime version)
Character(s): Ed, Alfons Heiderich
Pairing(s): None (sorry, Ed/Hei fans!)
Rating: PG-13 (for language and anti-religious diatribe)
Word Count: ~6500
Warnings: End-of-series spoilers.
A/N: My entry for the Green Lion 2006, sponsored by the Scimitar Smile archive; I'm pleased and not a little overwhelmed to report it won both Best Overall 'Fic from the judges and Best Short 'Fic in the Readers' Choice poll. That said, this version is slightly different from the contest entry -- I cleaned up a few typos and grammatical errors and some idiotic word-repetitions. All sentence-level stuff. Since this is another Munich 'fic, I include a few notes at the end of the story to explain unfamiliar foreign-language phrases and cultural matters. Please be advised that the views of religion expressed in this piece do not necessarily reflect those of the author, who simply possesses sufficient imagination to run several blocks in the shoes of a very unhappy atheist. That's why they call it "creative writing". Crossposted from nebroadwe to Höllenbeck (i.e. fm_alchemist, fullservicefma, fma_gen, fma_writers, fma_fiction, and heiderich_love).
Dedication: For all members of the Acoustic Mayhem, past and present, for they too understand the power of good liturgical music.

"This is all we have -- " Ed's arms swept out, taking in the street and the buildings, the grass and the trees and the sky -- "the world and our own minds to understand it! That's all!" Isn't that enough?